I am a German female photojournalist who currently lives in Hannover. Born in 2002 in Fürth with the name "Celina Weißmann", I lived in a small town in Bavaria until I was 15 years old. Today I work under the name "Sitara Thalia Ambrosio". After I ended my school career prematurely in 2017 focused my work on Climate Change issues in various places in Germany, and held lectures and held workshops afterwards.

There I started to commit myself more and more to photojournalism by starting to document social movements and protests in Germany until finally starting to work as a freelance photojournalist. In 2020 over a period of nearly one year I documented the forest occupation in Hessen, Germany against a planned Highway. After the eviction I self-published a photo-book about the life of the activists in the occupation.

Meanwhile, my work focuses more on stories about human rights, humanitarian crises and society in general.

My work can for example be found in magazines like „Missy Magazine“ or „Monopol Magazin“.



+49 177 205 1559

currently in Germany

I am available for assignments in Germany and worldwide.